All persons hired to evaluate scripts for The Black List have worked for a major agency, management company, studio, production company, or screenplay competition. Reviewers assigned are genre-specific.  Examples of recent screenplays beginning on The Black List which have been made into successful films are Argo, American Hustle, Juno,  The King's Speech, Slumdog Millionaire, Spotlight and The Revenant.


  •  “This script is eloquently written.”
  • “The quality of the writing is excellent…”  
  • ​ "The quality of writing is very high."
  • “The [writer’s] passion for the subject matter practically drips from the page.”
  • “The script has amazing characters and premise.”
  •  “The screen directions/descriptions of settings were well done. They were concise but also poetic - it made for a vivid script.”

Epic Nature:

  • “A sweeping historical epic in every sense of the word.”
  • “...on the scale of Ben-Hur and Kubrick's Spartacus, but is probably best compared to the likes of Kubrick's Barry Lyndon.
  • “An intricate look at the difficult birth of a nation, Aegis for Dreams is a feature of an epic scale not seen in decades.”

Story structure:

  • “The ending was clever and poignant. It felt cohesive in terms of tone and was a great closing to the film."
  • “The drama and tensions that arise between [Washington and Hamilton] during the duress of war is well portrayed.”   
  •  “The tension in the final scenes between Hamilton and Washington is wonderful, and their story and relationship only became more fascinating as it slowly unfolded.”

Richness of story:

  •  "The author’s credibility to tell a story set in this world / amongst these historical figures is unquestionable."
  • There are so many great, riveting pops of story throughout that provide a wide range of insight…”
  • “Flashbacks involving Hamilton’s childhood are intriguing and allow the audience to catch a glimpse of his difficult upbringing.”   
  • “The inventive dioramas into these men’s war time ‘inspirations’ are another clever touch, seen through Washington and Hamilton’s readings on Cato as they literally come alive.”   


  • “The script perfectly captures the cheeky, brash, yet brilliant tone of the real Alexander Hamilton.”  
  • “The amount of information and rounded-out characters that the script is able to display is impressive to say the least.”  
  • “[The script contains] excellent scenes with either Washington or Hamilton (or both) that are impressive in their intimate and personal nature."
  • "The writer does a superb job of taking these characters from simply being historical figures and transforming them into tangible human beings.”
  • “The relationship between Hamilton and Eliza felt organic and moving. She was a strong female character that would stay with audiences after the film.”
  • "The setting is entirely authentic, and not only the voices but also the attitudes of the characters are organic to the world of the piece." 


  • “…incredibly well-researched.”  
  • “… an almost intricate amount of factual detail”  
  •  “The writer’s vast knowledge of the time and its people is beyond obvious.” 
  •  “The dialogue reflects a great deal of knowledge of the subject on behalf of the writer.” 


  •  “The dialogue overall is very solid.”      
  •  “Overall, the dialogue is informative and strong.”  
  • “There is an authentic period cadence to the dialogue.”   
  •  “The dialogue and diction is perfectly in tune with the time.”   
  • “The various relationships feel authentic and realistic, and the events and conversations that transpire feel natural.”